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Welcome to the Movers of MOVERS.bg

Преместване БГ - Хамали и хамалски услуги MOVERS BG is a company with built up long year traditions and a wide net in the whole country. Since 1996 we don’t offer just movers and moving services, but also responsible attitude towards you and your property. Welcome to our webpage, from here you will learn about everything needed about the methods of work of our movers, as well as for the possibilities for help and co-operation, which we offer.
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транспортни услуги от хамали
хамали и хамалски услуги, преместване на домове офиси, местене

The Services, which you can rely on from our movers are grouped in: packaging, transportation and clearance of load of your good or furniture. These are the three main stages, which accompany every process of the home or office moving.

The additional services on which you can rely on from the movers of Premestvane BG are aimed towards the securing of your maximum comfort in the moving process. Premestvane BG offers sales of packaging materials and strage of belongings. Our clients can rely on the speed and friendliness of the movers from Premestvane BG, on the keeping of terms, which we have promised for the moving or transportation, because the first thing that is most important to our team, is for our clients to feel secured, to know that their furniture and goods are in good hands and that the movers will handle any situation.

For the movers from Premestvane BG, the pleased and smiling client means that we have done our work well and that we gained not only image, but also good friends, who can always rely on our co-operation when they are in need of our moving services. Our clients from the cities Sofia, Varna, Bourgas, Plovdiv and Pernik are already aqcuianted with the quality of the work and are pleased with the results, achieved from our movers. Our clients throughtout the years have been government Клиенти са ни били през годините, както държавни departments, as well as private companies and many people from the whole country. With part of the responces about the work of our movers, you can get aqcuianted from the category „our clients”.

Besides in local moving, our movers have a long year experience in the International movings of loads. A person responsible to co-operate with you in the International moving will help you with the International moving of your furniture, will also help you in the preparation of the optimum route for you and with the signing of approved by you offer about the stages of work of movers. If you desire, Premestvane BG will help you with the preparation of insurance for your property. In our site you can find recommendation letters and references, free advice about packaging, information about the instruments and the packaging materials, which our movers use and which you will need for the preparation of your moving. The list with references is easy to follow and will help you to prepare for a successful moving.

After you carefully examine the shown information on the pages of our website, if you have any questions regarding the work of the movers or the ways of moving and transportation, we are waiting for your questions on the contact information. Our movers are expecting your tasks! See you soon!

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